TILE, NATURAL STONE, concrete, and GROUT CLEANING, SEALINg and polishing

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Are you still trying to clean your TILE & GROUT with harsh cleaning agents, bleach, a small steam machine and little scrub brushes? And after all that hard work…. your grout still looks dirty? Or a few weeks later your grout lines look like you never cleaned them?

Clean MAX USA is your Choice for


Clean MAX USA employees are expert floor cleaning technicians. We take pride in having the most up to date cleaning techniques and equipment. With no exceptions with our Tile, Grout and Stone cleaning process. It is the most advanced possible. To power our Vacuumed Controlled Pressure Wash process, we use TRUCK MOUNTED COMPLETELY SELF CONTAINED HOT WATER EXTRACTION Units. Each truck has it's own soft water system. This helps us use less cleaning agents and allows the process to be chemical free on the final rinse. Your flooring, counters, showers and other hard surfaces will new look and feel new again!

We are the solution for attaining the most thorough cleaning ever! 

  #1    Your Tile, Grout and Stone surfaces will look like new and stay clean longer than any other method! 

  #2    Our cleaning process is contained within a single head unit. Very similar to pressure washing without the mess.

  #3    We use equipment capable of attaining 200+ degree water to provide the best cleaning possible.

  #4    Water pressure used is up to 1000 psi (Pressure used is adjusted per type of flooring being cleaned).

This is the only way to clean your TILE, GROUT and NATURAL STONE and attain the best results! 

​What to expect when we clean your hard surface...

  Step 1  Our expert Technician will Inspect and test grout for desired results. 

  Step 2 
Complete Quote and cleaning demonstration.

  Step 3  
Sweep and/or Vacuum.

  Step 4  
Corner guards used to protect your walls and corners.

  Step 5   
Pre-treat with an environmentally safe heavy duty cleaning agent.

  Step 6   
Agitate tile surface and grout lines with special equipment and brushes.

  Step 7   Using our Vacuumed Controlled Pressure Wash System, we will thoroughly rinse the surface. Your floors will in most cases look brand new.  The best part of this cleaning is there is No mess left in or around your home.

  Step 8  Per your request and our recommendation, an Impregnating Grout Sealer is applied.  For natural stone, the Impregnating Sealer is applied to the entire surface.

  Step 9  We are so confident in our method of Cleaning TILE & GROUT, that if you have us clean and seal. We will give you 60 days of Clean Insurance. This is the very BEST GUARANTEE in our INDUSTRY! 

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